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Negotiate Better Deals in Business and Life.
Find Peace in Conflict.

Expert coaching & advising in negotiation. Mediation. Unlock your full potential in every negotiation and dispute. Whether you're closing a business deal or resolving a conflict, get tailored strategies to help you achieve optimal outcomes. 

Lorenzo Colombani
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As a professional negotiator and mediator, my background in law has equipped me with a unique perspective: the most valuable outcomes arise from collaborative engagement, not perpetual conflict.


Whether your goal is to preempt disputes, resolve existing ones, or secure advantageous agreements in negotiations with individuals or businesses, I am committed to empowering you to succeed.

About Me

My Services

Mediation Services

My mediation services are designed to provide a safe, neutral and confidential space for parties to resolve their disputes. I offer one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and online mediation services to meet your needs. As your mediator, I am trained to facilitate constructive dialogue and help parties arrive at mutually beneficial agreements.

Categories of services:

  • Mediation

  • Facilitation

  • Conflict Coaching

  • Training and Education

Subject matters:

  • Family: divorce, custody, family counseling. 

  • Employment: union disputes, wrongful terminations

  • Workplace: supervisor/staff, team members, co-worker tension, board disputes.

  • Small business: partnership disputes, supplier/customer, contract renegotiation.

  • Homeowners Association: resident-board disputes, neighbor-neighbor, internal board disputes, board-property manager disputes.

Negotiation Services

My negotiation services are tailored to empower you in achieving optimal outcomes through collaborative engagement and emotional intelligence. I offer individual and group coaching, group workshops, and virtual sessions to suit your specific requirements. As your negotiation coach & advisor, I focus on fostering open communication, understanding underlying interests, and crafting value-added solutions that benefit all parties involved.

Categories of services:

  • Negotiation Coaching (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced).

  • Strategic corporate analysis.

  • Training, workshop and education;

Depending on your needs, services can be Individual or Group, Onsite and Online.


My Clients Say

Client Arnaud Roger
"Lorenzo helped me to better handle any type of negotiation in my professional life in the banking industry. I have now a new approach on my meetings and how I can interact with people to get the work done. These news skills are also a great asset in my personal life."

Arnaud Roger

IT Business analyst & Trading operations

Total Energies

"If your goal is to be right, you'll be right more often than you'll get what you want."

Stuart Diamond, Getting More, 
(p. 34). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition. (Rephrased)

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