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My services are designed to confidently attribute your successes to your own skills and not some other factor (lack of difficulty or luck).


1. Trial and error

Practice makes perfect. You won't learn anything if you take a one-time workshop and go back to your habits. It doesn't matter if the workshop is a 2-day bootcamp or 6 two-hour sessions spanning over weeks.

I want you to practice when you're home, when you're outside, when you're talking to your landlord, your family, or the owner of the a local shop where you could get a greata deal if you tried.

That doesn't mean being a negotiator or a dispute-resolution expert 100% of your time. But that means incorporating what you've learned in your daily life. I will provide you with tools to do that. I will not provide you with the motivation to do so.

2. SElf-efficacy

Do you remember the first word you learned?

Self-efficacy is our own perception that we can perform a task and achieve the desired result. This is the feeling when you're getting the hang of something. This is when you start to feel comfortable with your first word.


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The American Psychological Association

Let me explain.

When you succeed or fail, what do you think?

  • I wasn't good enough.

  • The task was too hard.

  • My team didn't put in the effort.

Psychologists call locus of control where do you place the praise and the blame -the ability to control the outcome. 

Self-efficacy is when you place the locus of control on yourself. (Internal Locus).

Sometimes you're wrong. You think you lost a client because you did not make a good enough pitch. In truth, the client never intended to work with you in the first place -he used you to get his other provider to lower its prices.

how does this relate to my philosophy?

Trial-and-error eventually makes you succeed. When you succeed after many errors, you realize you were the locus of control all along. This is a mastery experience.

Conclusion: my training is designed to confidently attribute your successes to your own skills and not some other factor (lack of difficulty or luck).

Detailed negotiation programs


Whether you're dealing with a personal or professional conflict, I can help. My services include business & personal negotiation coaching and training, as well as business negotiation advising. I work with clients of all sizes and backgrounds, and I'm committed to providing personalized service that meets your unique needs.


My workshops are designed to help individuals and organizations improve their negotiation skills and achieve their desired outcomes. We will use a combination of interactive sessions and case studies to help you develop effective negotiation strategies.

I offer customized workshops that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you are looking to improve your team's negotiation skills or develop effective negotiation strategies for a specific project, I can help.


My coaching and advising services aim to empower individuals and organizations to excel in negotiations and secure favorable results. Through one-on-one & group consultations, I guide you in crafting successful negotiation strategies through actionable advice.

I provide personalized coaching and advising sessions that are specifically designed to address your unique challenges and objectives. Whether you're seeking to enhance your personal negotiation skills or require specialized advice for a particular deal, I've got you covered.

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